Legendary Cities - Dunstad Grove City
Snowbound Acres City Player Home
Pirates of The North - Frostcombe Small Settlement
Haafingar Expanded - Hraggstad Quarry Small Settlement
Corners of Skyrim - Grayfall Single Building
Legendary Cities - Sunguard City City
Ashlander Camp New Zainab City Player Home
Pirates of The North - Pirate's Cove City
Haafingar Expanded - Kjardarr's Farm Single Building
The Seaside Library Single Building
Legendary Cities - Paragran Village City
Pirates of The North - Wilvercombe Small Settlement
Haafingar Expanded - Ignar's Camp Small Settlement
Dawn Point Lighthouse Small Settlement
Legendary Cities - Dunparwall City
Pirates of The North - Ashcombe Small Settlement
Apple garden_Il giardino delle mele City Expansion Single Building
White River Priory Small Settlement
Legendary Cities - Amol Village City
Fort Wolfhead City Player Home
Fort Winstad City
Legendary Cities - Granite Hall City
City of Pinemist City Player Home
Diamond Bluff Settlement City Player Home
Wood Elf Refuge - A Bosmer Camp City Player Home
Helsmyrr Village
Legendary Cities - Nimalten City
Lyngwi - A Nordic Village City Player Home
Forestway Reststop Small Settlement
Suthay-Pahmar Alliance Camp City
SeaPoint Settlement City Player Home
Legendary Cities - Vernimwood City
Northern Towns - Weistone City Player Home
Daggercross Alley City Expansion
Legendary Cities - Northkeep City
Aspenvale Village City Player Home
Northern Towns - Amon City
Corners of Skyrim - Plainwatch Single Building
The Crossroads Inn Single Building
Legendary Cities - Blackmoor City
Honningbrew Village City Expansion
Riftwood & Riftwood Bunny Breeders City Small Settlement
The Elsweyr Trader City Player Home
Legendary Cities - Helarchen Creek City
Edoras - City of The Horse City Player Home
Fire-Eye Chicken Ranch Small Settlement
Solitude Docks District City Expansion
Weistone Settlement City Player Home
Corners of Skyrim - Twinsrest Single Building
Shezrie's Old Hroldan Town City City Expansion Player Home
Corners of Skyrim - Abandoned Barrack City Expansion Single Building
Frostfield - Loreius Farm Settlement City City Expansion
Aurora Village City Player Home
Gavrostead City
Corners of Skyrim - Thaw Forge Single Building
Ebonvale Settlement City Player Home
The Undercity City Player Home
New Amberguard City Player Home
Haafingar Expanded - Pinefrost Hunting Lodge Single Building
Corners of Skyrim - Ghostrise Hearth Single Building
The Bloody Tankard - Halloween Decorations and Food City Expansion Single Building
Pinewood Village City Player Home
ClefJ's Half-Moon Mill City Player Home
Haafingar Expanded - Nortcoast Trading Post City
Corners of Skyrim - Raisegrave Hillock Single Building
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