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How to Create New Body Paints and Overlays for Racemenu (Part 1)

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to create and add new Racemenu overlays (body paints, hand paints, foot paints, etc.) to Skyrim. This includes both creating the design and adding it into your game.

Part 1 covers the creation of the overlay design – if you’ve already created your design, feel free to skip to Part 2 for how to add it to your game.

When I first began experimenting with this, I assumed it would be a fairly straightforward and easy thing to do – most character customization options are. I was wrong, and it was significantly more complex than I anticipated, and most already existing guides assume you already have a significant amount of things set up in your modding environment, as well as knowledge beyond what the casual modder would typically have. This guide aims to be as easy to follow and new-modder friendly as possible, though be aware that several of these steps are slightly complex so please follow directions carefully.